Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hallowed Be Thy Name

This is not a light task. For God's Name to be hallowed, we must cast aside who we want God to be and whatever idea we have of God and allow Him to be who He is, not the limited God we try to create Him to be.

There has been an overwhelming theme in my life lately. The theme is to get real. To stop hiding behind who we think we should be and who we think people will like and be the person we were created to be.

Sex sells. Ideas of money, fame, etc. all revolve around that same idea. Even before we became a culture that is oversexualized, people would brag about their sexual conquests, whether or not they were true. We also brag about money, we brag about status, we brag about anything that we think will make us cooler. What if being true to ourselves became cool? I believe that people hide now because they don't know how to be any other way. We do things we don't necessarily want to because we think it will bring us happiness and popularity. What would the world be like if we were happy with who we were and accepted others for who they were?

God doesn't feel the need to market Himself as anything other than who He is. God also made us to be His beautiful creation. So when we are true to ourselves, we can better see Him for who He is. Or maybe, for some, it must happen the other way around. Maybe we can only see our beauty when we truly see the beauty of our Lord. Either way, once we see and know Him and see and know ourselves, we can see and know others and see their beauty as well. In that way, we would come to live in a world of trust, instead of a world of lies and masks.

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